Fashion magazine ” VOGUE ” can be outside the mainstream for the fashion industry and fashion people who are concerned to bring a broader perspective and more voices: “fashion is not just

clothing, it is our culture, music, Movies, literature, art and so on. “From the inspiration of life, the keen insight into reality, the idea of innovation, the traditional means of expression,

especially in beauty, the magazine is Only recommend easy-to-use skin care products, sometimes they even refuse the recommendation for the famous brands, though they offer beneficial proposals.


No.1 Lancome renergie multi-lift face cream


Light pink cream attracted lots of fans, texture is very thin, easy to push and absorpt, this cream is very moist, in winter can also be used to absorb adequate water, moisturizing effect is

perfec, Lancome renergie multi-lift face cream has a certain repair function, lifting effect is notable, it can effectively ease the dry lines, fine lines, pulling tightening skin .with the unique

massage against old age, lifting effect will be more significant.

NO.2 Numa(努玛)浆煳面霜

No. 2 Numa Jianghu face cream


This brand is not only the Korean national treasure level skin care brand, is also one of the world famous cosmetics brand, it is essential brand skin care products for a lot of Hollywood actress,

a super moisturizing nutrition cream, texture like Jianghu, which is used to seal the window when we were young. In order to keep the natural ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum and olive oil from being

destroyed, the product retains the color and texture of nature, which is the first product to be imported into China’s contain Ganoderma lucidum and olive oil. This cream is very moist, olive oil is

“the most pure skin food”, the closest to breast milk, easily absorbed by the skin. Powerful “golden antioxidant” olive oil is liquid gold, strong antioxidant, plus lecithin, strengthen the cuticle

repair. Currently in China, only in Beijing DOCG skin care collection shop has this product, it is located in the 2nd floor of the shopping mall Xin Zhongguan. (Www.quanqiumiaomiao.com)


No. 3 SK-II RNA power radical new age face cream


SK-II RNA power radical new age face cream has thick texture, but easy to push, massage for a while it can be absorbed, there is a certain sticky feeling, autumn and winter with a strong

moisturizing, spring and summer will be too greasy, if your skin is not very good, it will increase the smallpox. The repair effect is normal, SK-II RNA power radical new age face cream main in

locking state, that is, keep using, it will bring you an anti-aging effect.

NO.4 迪奥雪精灵

No.4 Dior snow whitening cream


Internationally recognized brand, Dior snow whitening cream, texture is very moist, very thin and easy to push, replenishment effect is very good, after full absorbed the skin will become shiny,

but if you use it as a night cream, it will feel a little dry in the moring it also has a certain whitening effect, no anti-aging effect.

NO.5 moroo夜神霜

No.5 Moroo night god face cream


Respected by the French royal family brand, night god cream contains peptide complex, collagen, grape seed, q10 coenzyme and other anti-aging ingredients, quiet repair skin at night, help the

skin’s do the self-repair, the effect will naturally more significant. Moroo contains a variety of plant extracts, and add six peptides, botulinum toxin, nutrition is extremely rich, restore skin

vitality at night, tighten into small V face, smooth wrinkles.

NO.6 娇兰水合青春

No. 6 Guerlain super aqua cream


Another face cream in this list is Guerlain star series of hydration youth, this cream is main in moisturizing effect, texture is very thin, quickly absorbed, moisturizing strong keep moisturizing

for a full day, but no tighten effect.

NO.7 雅诗兰黛智妍面霜

No. 7 Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supereme Global anti-aging cream

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supereme Global anti-aging cream has silky texture, feel very mild, good scalability, skin will become very smooth, moisture in general, but the moisturizing effect is

not long lasting, for little bit acne, there is a certain degree of repair, but for 25+ years , whose skin is easy to relax it doesn’t have the lifting effect.

NO.8 JEONBOO(大妃霜补气金蛋)

No.8 Jeonboo face cream



In Korea, like Whoo, Jeonboo face cream is also favored by the middle-aged women. Only moisture and oil is not enough for skin, to a certain age, to stimulate the skin regeneration task is

important. Korea’s obsession with ginseng is like European coffee. To a certain age, need to add blood through ginseng. JEONBOO is “Korean traditional anti-aging receipt”: As the aging symptoms have

emerged, it needs to supply the the qi from inside, strengthen their metabolism, by the complex variety of Korean herbal medicine joint. Because the ingredients are precious: ginseng: stimulate

collagen, improve skin elasticity. Oyster: extract such as bezoar detoxification, promote blood circulation, improve the yellowish. There Angelica, peony, Poria, Astragalus: whitening qi. 35 years

old, skin aging, stress, skin color yellow, often stay up all night, and their ability to repair poor, some inflammation, for many high-end skin care products have no effect. Currently in China are

set sales, no single product.

Currently in China, only in Beijing DOCG skin care collection shop has this product, it is located in the 2nd floor of the shopping mall Xin Zhongguan. (Www.quanqiumiaomiao.com)


No. 9 Sulwhasoo face cream


Sulwhasoo face cream moisturizing effect is also very good, unique Chinese medicine smell may be a little hard to accept, texture is a little heavy, it may feel a little sticky, replenishment

effect is great, this cream does not have any pulling effect , But the overall is still a good cream, can enter the this list.

NO.10 科颜氏积雪草修护霜


Its packing is very interesting, like a tube of toothpaste, easy to carry, texture is like emulssion, good penetration, absorption is fairly fast, very refreshing, this cream can soothe sensitive

skin, but it doesn’t have lifting function.


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