《COSMO亚洲》发布华人喜爱的面膜排行榜 这才是实打实好用的面膜


1 La Mer dense Essence Mask

This marine activated enzyme can moisturize the skin and make the skin glow from inside to outside. Elastic seaweed with strong vitality helps improve skin flexibility and rejuvenate young skin.

At the same time, it will enhance skin barrier function, make skin feel soft and smooth, and look younger, softer and more elastic.

1 海蓝之谜密集赋活精华面膜


2 Zeefine snail mask

The best snail mask sold a year ago or the snail mask, but now the snail mask, from Henan, China, has completely replaced it because the effect is better and the price is more affordable. In the

market of the fittest, it is ruthlessly eliminated. The skin care effect of snail’s raw liquid has been obtained all over the world. Henan’s mask has natural advantages. Its own the Yellow River

basin farm has created snails suitable for snails production. Snails are more pure.

2 宣致蜗牛面膜


3 Kiehl’s White Mud Mask

Kiehl’s most representative of a cleansing mask, many Master have recommended oh! After washing the white mud, the black head and white head will come out. After cleaning the whole face with a

acne needle, the whole face feels refreshing. Then a supplement mask is made, and the skin is absolutely water.

3 科颜氏白泥面膜


4 Laneige sleep mask

The star product of the Laneige star! Night water sleeping mask, deep moisturizing, moisturizing, anti-oxidation, brighten, sleep, enhance the skin’s self repair. It is rich in antioxidants. It

purifies skin and eliminates harmful oxidant substances. It can brighten up the dark complexion in sleep, and the skin will regain its luster and brightness. Skin night metabolism is the most active

and absorbable, allowing the skin to quickly absorb enough water, strengthen the water channel, and restore the skin to be moist and full.

4 兰芝睡眠面膜


5 Clinie reservoir mask

Clinie reservoir mask has always been high popularity. As a replenishment system mask, it contains natural moisturizing factor NMF. Mask paper is medium and thin, and its essence is super. After

using it, the skin feels very full, tender and moist. The effect of water supplement is 100 points.

5 可莱丝水库面膜


6 snow show her tearing mask

One of the most favorite clean facial mask. Compared with other clean facial mask, the jade Rong tear after the finish is very moist, the cleaning force is also strong, can obviously see the tear

of the mask of oil particles, fluff, a little white head, face a lot of instant clean, color is also bright.

6 雪花秀玉容撕拉面膜


7 AHC B5 high efficiency deep water replenishing hyaluronic acid mask

This mask contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and amaranth plants, which can promote the growth of fiber cells, fill the skin with water quickly. After opening a lot of

essence, the mask paper is used as fiber material, sensitive skin can be used, and Shu Min’s effect is high. This mask is different from other mask. It needs ice. After ice, the temperature of the

bag turns green. It’s the best time to use it.

7 AHC B5补水玻尿酸面膜


8 myocutaneous super soaking 3D mask

The Japanese mask can be called a quick moisturizing mask because the mask it uses is a membrane paper made from 3D technology, which is not only special but also fully taken care of the chin. And

the moisturizing essence of the mask is also very rich, it is mainly composed of Royal Milk, soy isoflavone and shrimp erythropoietin, these ingredients can quickly import water into deep horny,

reduce the activity of melanin, so that skin to achieve full water and whitening effect.

8 肌美精超浸透面膜


9 poetry Rose Moisturizing Mask

This mask contains natural rose petals, rare seal rose oil and 50% purity rose water to create a unique fragrance of flowers. It also contains aloe gel and purple Chlorella. It can calm the skin

and adjust the water supply according to the special needs of different skin and make the skin moist and white. Mask for the quality of jelly, apply to the skin when used, 15 – 20 minutes after the

wash, smooth and smooth, skin soft, but the mask contains essential oil, so the sensitive skin sensitive to essential oil is selected carefully.

9 馥蕾诗玫瑰舒缓面膜


10 Hyatt wood water moisturizing mask Moisturizing Mask

It contains rich apricot oil and seaweed essence, and the essence of seaweed can be fast and fast in the water channel of skin, let the water flow quickly in the whole skin base layer, and the

apricot oil can quickly lock water in the process of replenishing water, otherwise the water is lost and nourishes water shortage. Skin, increase the elasticity of the skin.

10 悦木之源水润畅饮保湿面膜



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